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South China River and Lake Chief Training Center as a leading platform for national environmental governance public welfare training and think tank service platform,Committed to the integration of domestic authoritative experts and scholars and industry combat elite resources,Through the government departments, industry organizations, environmental protection enterprises, environmental protection practitioners to provide environmental governance advice, system training, industry research, online education, third-party technical consulting services,It has formed a comprehensive service model of environmental governance that integrates the three dimensions of industry, industry and profession,Use intellectual resources to serve the construction of environmental governance system and improve the level of environmental governance,To help fight against environmental pollution。

2020年,South China River and lake director training centerThe successful selection of the national Ministry of Water Resources in the national collection of river chief system and lake chief system of the typical case, for the river chief system and lake chief system practice to provide useful experience。



High-end think tank service platform

South China River and Lake Chiefs Training Center actively plays the role of a high-end think tank platform, and offers suggestions for the construction of ecological civilization and ecological environmental protection in South China through relevant research, forums and technical consultation, etc., which has won recognition from the government and attention from the media。


  • In August 2019, Guangdong Provincial Department of Housing and ConstructionInvite experts from the South China River and Lake Chief Training Center to conduct research in Lianjiang and "consult and feel the pulse" for the comprehensive improvement of Lianjiang water environment.。
  • In October 2019, the South China River and Lake Chief Training Center proposed the proposal of "Building Guangdong 100 billion environmental protection industry cluster", which was highly valued and recognized by relevant units in Guangdong Province。
  • 2020In December, jointly with Hainan Institute of Water Supply and Drainage, Tongji University School of Environment, hosted2020Hainan Free Trade Port water environment Technology Forum”,To contribute ideas, wisdom and strength to the high-quality development of Hainan's ecological civilization construction。



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